Been Busy Moving!

Sorry ya’ll, I been getting myself together to move back to the Bronx. Currently live in upstate New York for college but I am in the process of transfering so sorry for going MIA! Wish me the best and I look forward to looking at everyone’s blogs! Writing coming.



I feel it stuck in my throat,

Making my heart beat faster,

The air suddenly feeling too polluted,

My head aching and screaming

It is a hefty, rough jacket,

Sitting hard on my delicate shoulders,

Making my back cry

It is the ginormous couch I am trying to push around my house,

Giving me splinters,

Scratching my shiny, once perfect floor

It is what I feel everyday,

All this pressure



I close my eyes

And I see a place with no walls,

Where my mind cannot trap me,

But I am alone,

And this world is blank,



So I open my eyes,

And I see this world,

Heavy with the same pain stuck in my chest,

Drenched with bad luck,

The stench of my past lingering in the air,

But then I saw you,

And those walls surrounding me here,

Began to crumble down,

And for once,

I was able to close my eyes,

And instead,

I wasn’t only at peace-

But I had you


Summer City Nights

The air feels thick and moist,

Almost choking me

The heat hanging on my tanned skin,

The way a child clings to their mother,

My breathe sweet from the ice cold homemade lemonade,

The fireflies blinking and bright,

Like the stars I imagine look down at us,

Watching us from the Bronx sky

Everyone is up,

Music is vibrating off the cement streets,

Laughter bouncing from every block

Here everyone is loud,

And we chill right front of our buildings,

Where the summer air is so thick and moist-

it almost chokes you



Sick, sick, and more sick!

Hey everyone! Been super sick witht he flu ugh. Couldn’t sleep well or breathe well so I’ve been pretty much on medicine and naps all week. Definetly will be writing all day today and I hope ya’ll will love it! If there is any suggestions for free writing, please feel free to say them. I would love to write a short story that ISN’T necessarily pertaining to me. Anyway, Happy Sunday my favorite people!


Our love,

Is so delicate and sweet,

Like the taste of that golden honey on your tongue,

Our love,

Makes you sweat,

Like the heat on an August day,

Got you stripping your clothes off,


With your skin still sticky, sun kissed, and sizzling,

Our love,

Sometimes can be chilly,

Like those brisk October mornings,

When you suddenly need a cozy hoodie

To protect you from the breeze outside

Our love,

Grows everyday,

Like the pink, blue and yellow flowers sprouting from the ground,

On a colorful Spring day,

And sometimes there’s rainy days-

So those flowers can keep growing,

Our love,

Can feel so frozen and fierce,

Like a freezing Winter night,

When the wind blows across your bare face,

But our love,

Is also a sparkling snowflake you would chase with your tongue out

Because it’s-

our love and no one elses’



I am scared,

Worried that the same anger I have running in my veins,

Was the same anger my mother felt,

All those years ago

The same desperation I have covering my heart,

Is the same desperation my father felt,

When he thought drugs was the answer

Save me

I scream to myself,

When my body begins to feel numb,

Starting from my toes,

Rising to my throbbing heart,

And poisoning my brain

I want to be different,

But as I stare in the mirror,

I see them,

And it makes me tremble,

The fear pouring out of my big, cold eyes,

The stress devouring my lost soul,

The recognition staring right back at me

You’re fine

They tell me,

But I know they know what I suffer from,

And instead of saving me,

They want to pretend I don’t need saving,

The same way their parents thought they didn’t,

So here I am,


And all I long for is-

Them to come save me